Trust the experts for washing machine repairs

A-1 Active Appliance Repair in Cambridge provides 24-hour emergency appliance repair services seven days a week to customers throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford, Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Dundas and Ancaster. Their phone number is one to keep handy, especially when problems occur with your washing machine. Both top-load and front-load washers are equally prone to problems that can be quickly diagnosed by your A-1 Active Appliance repair person.

For starters, every washing machine has a different electrical control system depending on the number of features built into the unit. Washing machines are growing increasingly complicated, and troubleshooting a washer’s electrical system should be conducted only by an expert.

Trouble with water circulation is also a major issue in a washing machine. A machine that is not draining or filling properly is usually a good indicator something is wrong. Such a problem with your washing machine could stem from many areas, including a broken lid switch, a lid not closing properly or a twisted or crimped hose. It could also mean a major problem with your pump, such as seized bearings or broken impeller blades. All of these will require fixing if your machine is to work properly.

A leaking washing machine is a potential risk, given the electrical components inside. Most major brands have leaks that are particular to their design, with GE, Whirlpool, Maytag and others all having well-known leak areas. Leaks can occur in many places, including inside corroded solenoid valves, around pump seals, in bleach dispensers that have become old and brittle, in old hoses and in older, worn out washer baskets. An expert A-1 Active Appliance Repair technician will have the experience to quickly troubleshoot leaks in your washer.

A common problem with most washing machines is with the belts and motors. Belts in high-use machines can easily wear out or break. The drive motors that spin your baskets and reciprocate the agitators in top-load machines are subject to the same breakdowns as any motor. When problems with motors occur, you’ll want expert advice before deciding to repair or replace your machine.

A-1 Active Appliance Repair has 25 years of experience in appliance repairs. Trust them for round-the-clock service, seven days a week. For service in Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, call 519-267-4053.