Five common problems with refrigerators

A-1 Active Appliance Repair in Cambridge, Ontario, is the name to trust to help extend the life of your appliances. They understand the inconvenience involved when an appliance goes down, especially when it’s your refrigerator. As one of the most essential appliances in your home, your refrigerator is also one of the most complicated. Here are five common things that often go wrong with them.

The most common problem with refrigerators is with the cooling system. A fridge that doesn’t keep the temperature down even when the door is closed is showing a sign that something is wrong. There is often a mistaken belief that every cooling problem in older refrigerators is due to a lack of Freon. This is not the case. Freon does not wear out — it leaks out. It is unlikely your refrigerator will suddenly start leaking unless the casing inside the freezer compartment has been compromised during cleaning or moving the unit. Most refrigerator malfunctions are caused by a failure of the electrical components, such as the wiring, thermostat or compressor. Keep in mind that A-1 Active Appliance Repair offers 24-hour emergency refrigerator repair services seven days a week.

Finding puddles under your refrigerator is a common problem with older units. This is a sign there is a problem with the seal. Water around an electrical appliance is always a hazard and should be checked immediately.

A noisy fridge is also an indicator something might be wrong with your appliance. More often than not, this noise is caused by a dysfunctional freezer fan that may need balancing or perhaps replacing.

A fourth common problem with refrigerators is a sudden buildup of frost and ice in the freezer. This could be a sign the evaporator fan is not working properly.

The final problem area is with the door. Children swinging on a door can alter its alignment, and cracked, torn or missing door trim can also compromise the seal. This problem is easily diagnosed with a visual inspection.

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