Why hire a factory-trained appliance technician?

A-1 Active Appliance Repair in Cambridge is the leading name in in-home appliance repair throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford, Milton, Georgetown, Acton, Dundas and Ancaster. Not only do they offer customers 24-hour emergency appliance repair services, but the people they dispatch are factory-trained experts in appliance repair. So, what exactly does it mean to be a “factory-trained” technician?

The words “factory-trained” are being trotted out to consumers as often as the words “new and improved,” “environmentally friendly” or “gluten-free.” Companies use the phrase “factory-trained” as an indication to consumers that their technicians possess a higher degree of expertise when it comes to properly diagnosing and repairing your home appliances. In the case of A-1 Active Appliance Repair, that is 100 per cent accurate. To be eligible to properly service brand name appliances without voiding new appliance warranties, many product manufacturers offer training classes to technicians who may earn a living servicing such products. These classes help upgrade the technical skills required to keep up to date on advances in appliance technology. With appliances incorporating more computerized and digital technology than ever before, it’s critical for a company like A-1 Active Appliance Repairs to have its employees stay current with their training.

The advantage of contracting the services of a company like A-1 Active Appliance Repair is you are getting someone who is fully trained to understand all the design nuances of your appliance. That means they can diagnose and repair your problem much quicker than someone who is not intimately familiar with your appliance brand.

A-1 Active Appliance Repair is a company that uses only factory parts in all its repairs, which is why they can offer you a full one-year warranty on their services. Trust them for round-the-clock emergency services, seven days a week. For service in Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, call 519-267-4053.